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Mary Sweet is a rising star in the pop and electronic music scene, known for her genre-bending style that draws inspiration from 2000s electronica, contemporary pop, and EDM. After building her name in EDM with a steady stream of indie label releases since 2019, Mary Sweet released her 2021 synthpop single “Alibi,” which introduced her as a producer and showcased her unique sound and emotive vocals.

A transplant from Avon, CO, Mary was exposed to music at an early age, singing in choir and learning to play the piano and clarinet as a child. She began writing her own songs at 12 years old and soon discovered her passion for the bouncy “poptronica” production style she has honed since then.

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In her music, Mary Sweet seamlessly blends pop hooks with EDM beats and electronic textures, creating a sound that is both catchy and innovative. Her songs are often introspective and deeply personal, exploring distinctly human themes like healing from trauma, navigating relationships, and striving for self-love.


Mary Sweet first gained notoriety as a songwriter and vocalist, boasting a career of accolade-studded EDM collaborations that have amassed over 5 million streams across platforms, landed twice on Armin van Buuren’s A State of Trance radio show, climbed to #19 and #57 on the Beatport Trance Top 100, and earned “Track of the Week” on BBC Introducing. Her releases also have support from Andrew Rayel and Timmy Trumpet.

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Mary Sweet's latest single, "Therapy," promises to be another hit for the multi-talented artist. With her irresistible “sad bop” sound and powerful vocals, Mary Sweet is poised to become one of the most exciting new voices in pop and electronic music.




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