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Learn from Mary Sweet, an independent musician with more than 5 million streams across platforms, six years in the music industry, and releases on major indie labels including Ophelia, Trap Nation, and inHarmony.

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Manage Your Music Career (Even with a Day Job)

Mary Sweet has managed her own music career since 2018. Learn her secrets to staying organized, managing finances, and getting new opportunities. With this beginner-oriented course, you'll gain confidence and become an expert at managing your own career.

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Design Your Dream Home Studio

Thinking about creating a home studio? Looking to upgrade your current setup? Whether you're just starting or already have a fully-functional studio space, this course will teach you how to build a home studio that suits your needs and sparks inspiration.

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Write Meaningful Lyrics and Catchy Vocal Melodies

Learn the anatomy of chart-topping songwriting in this course, including tips and tricks from Mary Sweet for lyrics that hit hard and vocal melodies your listeners will hum on repeat. Additionally, learn how to streamline your songwriting process in this never-before-offered course.

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